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Jensolin Primer


Jensolin Pink Primer, a solvent based undercoat promises perfect surface preparation for new and unpainted wooden surfaces. The product hides existing surface stains and discoloration. Glossy, Semi-glossy and flat oil finishes can be applied directly onto the surface, coated with this primer. It is specially formulated to provide an excellent balance between filling, penetration and adhesion to wood.

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White & Colors

Gloss / sheen

85 – 95 Gloss Unit at 60° Gloss Head

Drying Temperature

25°C / 50% RH


RECOMMENDED USE: Brolac Hi- Gloss Polyurethane Enamel can be used on metal, masonry and wooden surfaces.

Product benefits:
  1. Hi-gloss finish
  2. Recommended as a top-coat for mild corrosive environment over suitable primers
  3.  Excellent levelling and application properties
100-110* sq. ft. / litre for 1 coat finish under normal conditions *Actual coverage may vary due to factors such as method and condition of application, surface roughness and porosity and weather conditions.
  1. Ensure that the surface is free from dirt, grease, rust and moisture.
  2. Sand the surface using Emery Paper 180 to remove loosely bound particles, rust, peeling or flaking paint, etc.
  3.  Wipe the surface clean.
PRIMING Ferrous Metal Surface: Apply 1-2 coats of J&N Superior Red Oxide Primer on the metal surface by thinning (If necessary). Allow drying for 8-10 hrs after each coat. Non-Ferrous Metal Surface: Apply 1-2 coats of J&N Zinc Primer Yellow on the metal surface, by thinning it with J&N GP Thinner, if necessary. Let it dry for 5-6 hrs. Wooden Surface: Apply first coat of Jensolin Pink/White Primer on the wooden surface by thinning with J&N GP thinner (if required). Let it dry for 8-10 hrs. Use suitable putty to fill minor cracks, dents or holes. After drying, use Emery Paper 180 to sand the surface. Apply another coat of J&N Pink/White Primer. Allow it to dry for 8-10 hrs. Masonry Surface: Apply first coat of Jensolin Pink/White Primer on the surface by thinning with J&N GP thinner (if necessary). Let it dry for 8-10 hrs.
Apply two coats of Brolac Hi- Gloss Polyurethane Enamel, after thorough stirring and diluting (if required). Maintain an interval of 6-8 hrs between successive coats.
  1. Do not over thin the paint above recommended dilution levels.
  2. Stir the paint properly, before use.
  3.  Seal the container, when not in use.
  4.  Clean the application tools immediately after use.
  1. Ensure drying time of a week, before cleaning.
  2. Remove stains using clean sponge and mild soap solution
  3.  Wipe clean.
Do not store or transport the containers under direct sunlight or at elevated temperatures. Store the container in an upright position in order to avoid any leakage or damage Shelf Life: One year from the date of manufacturing in original tightly closed containers stored away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.


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