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Sheenlac Xperia 2K Epoxy Insulator


Sheenlac Xperia 2K Epoxy Insulator is a tough, transparent clear coating recommended to apply on
oil rich wood. This clear coat acts as a barrier coat on bare wood and preventing the oil leaching from
wood. It is ideal to use as a barrier coat for Polyurethane, Polyester, Melamine and Acrylic topcoat

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Sheenlac Xperia 2K Epoxy Insulator

Mix Epoxy base and Hardener in the ratio 1:1 by volume. Mix only the required volume which can be consumed in 30-45 mins. No further dilution is required during normal temperature; however, it is recommended to add 5-10% of PU thinner D-67 during hot summer periods (Temp. more than 35⁰C). Apply a thin coat and allow to dry for 3 hrs. A mild sanding is required to remove the wood hairs and dust, followed by subsequent coats of sealers and topcoats. If this exceeds more than 8 hrs, sand and recoat with Epoxy Insulator before applying subsequent coats.
Accordion SaEpoxy Insulator is a rapid drying and yield a good transparent, hard film, which prevents the leaching of essential oils from wood. It shows excellent solvent and water resistance, thus it prevents the absorption of solvent / water based topcoat layers by wood grains and pores. This will enhance the appealing of finish for longer. This can be applied by brush, spray or rag.mple Description


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