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  • Water Based Wood Polish

    Ideal for Restoration of furniture, wood panelling, doors, etc

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  • Water Based 1K Exterior Wood Coating

    Perfect choice for dark colored commercial and household furniture, kitchen cabinetry

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    Water Based Timber Filler

    A semi solid paste that fills minor imperfections on wooden surfaces

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    Water-based Impregnation Clear

    A transparent Coating used on saturated / weathered wood

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  • Write Off

    Dry erasable walls in offices, education institutes, cafeterias, & kid's rooms

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  • Paint Remover

    Solvent gazed wax type stripper, acts on all types of paint films.

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  • Mel’Myn Plus Interior Wood Finish

    High end kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, table tops, dining and bedroom furniture etc

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  • Opulence Premium 2K Interior PU

    Accentuates the natural beauty of interior wooden surfaces. Resilient and durable.

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